On-line course
Setup and manage drone shows

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The lifecycle of managing a drone show
What will you learn?
Setup and manage a drone show
Check drone swarm flight safety of the planned drone dance
Demonstrate simulations of planned drone show choreography to decision-makers
Schedule of the training
2-day training + 1 bonus day*
Day 1
  • Detailed guide through DRONE SHOW process – safety, from start to finishing a flight
  • Questions and Answers about work before training
  • Configuration of DRONE SHOW SOFTWARE Dance controller and Vehicle specific module
  • Configuration of Show start, formations, and dance-related parameters
  • Drone firmware flashing and configuration
Day 2
  • First test flight preparation, RTK GPS explanation
  • Working with animation in Blender – interface, safety checks, export to PATH format
  • Preparing for 20 drone flight – testing in SITL, safety guidelines, preflight-checklist
  • Preflight activity, show routine tips & tricks
  • Advanced show scenarios testing in simulation and flying
  • Including offset- center flights, large fleet specifics, failsafe handlin
max 4 specialists

on-line training platform

Riga, Latvia UTC+2

2x8 h + 8 h bonus at SPH's HQ

  • Training does not include:
  • Legal regulations, necessary permits for running a drone show as well as other location-specific aspect regulation
  • Animation process in BLENDER 3D
1-day on-site practical training for free

Once our world will be safe again and the borders will be open, the trainees will be welcomed to participate a 1-day on-site practical training to set up, test and run a drone show (5 minutes show with at least 20 drones provided by SPH), under the supervision of SPH's drone show engineers.

Bonus 1-day training is organised at SPH Engineering's drone airfield in Riga, Latvia
The Drone Show Software trainings are led by experienced drone show engineers and drone pilots
Kristaps Brass
Lead Trainer/Engineer
Sergey Kucenko
UAV Engineer/Trainer
Artūrs Kālis
Lead Engineer/Trainer
#DroneShowSoftware training graduates
Online training for the PR quality services SRL
Company is located in BUSTO ARSIZIO, VARESE, Italy, and have successfully accomplished the 2-day online course of the lifecycle of Drone Shows.
Training graduation - Swiss Drone Show AG.
The training was specially organized in Switzerland for the drone experts of Swiss Drone Show AG.
Congratulations to our US customer Illumidrone
Looking forward to your stunning lighting shows soon!
FlyingLab trust in our product
FlyingLab team believes that the future belongs to cutting-edge technologies, and that is exactly why they chose #DroneShowSoftware.
Coşkunlar Havai Fişek - the biggest firework producer in Europe and in the Middle East.
Congratulation to drone pilot of Coşkunlar Havai Fişek becoming qualified #DroneShow engineer.
Individual Approach
The #DroneShowSoftware training organized in Dubai for the largest and most reliable Event Technical & Staging Solutions Company in the Middle East.
The team of Pablo Aviation Co.,Ltd.
The first DroneShowSoftware training graduates who created their own 3D animation for the training exam-flight.
Graduation of UMILES Entertainment drone pilots
UMILES Entertainment is one of the biggest UAV world holdings, that operate, integrate and educate.
What kind of experience is necessary to participate in Drone Show software courses?
The training course consists of several modules; each module corresponds to a particular skill set required for the successful use of a Drone Show Software and drone show setup and management. We assume that students (or at least one student in a group representing a the company) have experience with drone piloting and with automatic flights.
How long does courses take?
The course is designed for 2 days online learning and 1 BONUS day at SPH Engineerings HQ in Riga, Latvia (EU) for free.
Do I need to bring my equipment?
No, it is not necessary. Training courses are fully equipped. Only manadatory equipment is your laptop and MS Windows English version.