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  • Alexander Levandovskiy
    SPH Engineering, Latvia

    "In 2022, our customers achieved remarkable success with over 1500 shows performed using Drone Show Technologies across 60+ countries, involving an impressive fleet of over 20,000 drones. With Drone Show Technologies, running a drone show is always easier, safer, and more consistent."
  • Preston Ward
    Sky Elements, USA

    "With a 20 year history in entertainment and production Sky Elements is uniquely positioned to execute large scale projects on any timeline. Through Sky Elements partnerships with industry professionals, as well as deep involvement in regulatory rule making, Sky Elements is on the cutting edge of development and execution of some of the most complex drone shows that have taken place worldwide."
  • Patrice Guy
    NorthStar Fireworks Entertainment Inc., Canada

    “Drone shows have been a great opportunity for us to engage with new market segments that we could never reach before. The reaction from our customers has been outstanding and we have been experiencing tremendous growth since we started."
  • Szymon Lukasik
    Astranate, Poland

    “We focus on technically sophisticated drone light shows based on large amounts of drones. Our strengths are complex and profiled animations for the client."
  • Jarlo Belledo
    Hero-Experiences LLC, UAE

    “I have 3 years experience at the Drone Show in Dubai as Robotics Engr. Drone Show is next level entertainment with amazing light formation. Safety knowledge is very important."
  • Tony Martin
    Celestial, UK & USA

    “Celestial is a collective of creative entrepreneurs who want to push the boundaries of what's possible with drone display technology. We want to supersede fireworks. Our sustainable technology allows us to tell stories in a brand new way and on a truly epic scale.”
  • UMILES Drone Light Show team

    We are the first company in Spain and Chile to develop and offer drone light shows. We are especially proud to be the first company to fly in choreography a fleet of drones within an airport space and aerodrome. We expect the drone show industry to grow exponentially, primarily as it offers a sustainable display with myriad design possibilities."
  • Rob Lednor
    Stellar Lights, Australia

    “In new industries like this, where safely delivering these shows is vital for the reputation and continual growth of the industry, we need to collectively strive to set the highest standards in operational excellence."
  • Graham Hill
    Hire UAV Pro, USA

    “A decade in the drone industry, we are one of the first established drone light show companies in the United States. It is a growing industry, and will continue to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years.”
  • Dr. Linas Gelažanskas
    Light-a-sky, Lithuania

    “We have worked in the drone industry for 10+ years. As part of our service portfolio we offer stunning drone light shows in Europe and beyond. This community enables people to collaborate on creating something astonishing."
  • Marc Loosli
    Swiss Drone Show AG, Switzerland

    This leading Swiss drone show company now has over 200 drones, specializing in projects in mountainous regions even during winter!

  • Fabian Reinholz
    DroneDreams, Germany

    “Drone shows are increasingly becoming an integral part of city and community festivals, corporate events, private celebrations, and marketing campaigns.
    DroneDreams' drone shows make every event a must-see event. They inspire people of different professions and hobbies."
  • Danny Jalbout
    Hot Wing Drones LLC, USA

    "We are a drone service company that has been performing mapping and inspections. Our experience in drones makes us knowledgeable about the drone industry."
  • Erik de Groot
    Dutch Drone Shows, The Netherlands

    "We are the creative partner for iconic & memorable events that live on in the memories of our worldwide audience. Authentic storytelling, supreme show design, specially composed music and a touch of magic are at the heart of our profession."
  • Esteban J. Sheklian
    Drone Shows by Cadenaci Espectáculos Visuales, Argentina

    "Drones, Fireworks and Special Effects Show with presence in All of South America. At Cadenaci we believe that we have an excellent resource and that development will be constant and to the extent that the market accepts new forms of mass communication."
  • Misagh Mashhadi
    SKYWRITERS, Middle East

    “We can be your eyes in the sky! SKYWRITERS is one of the leading drone light show companies, we work all over the Middle East. We're a dynamic team willing to fill in the blank spots for your projects.”
  • Fran Alvarado
    Drone Lab & Robotics, Chile

    "We are a company of professionals with more than 10 years of experience with drones and during these years we have never stopped learning and innovating with this technology. The drone show, now, is our way of making people happy with what makes us happy as a company."
  • Charlie Hermosa
    Bella Wings Aviation, Guam, USA

    "We are full service drone provide covering the Western Pacific. We are changing the world on providing a visual interpretation of our imagination."
  • Dan Bystritsky
    SkySparks drone shows, Israel

    "We provide amazing shows in Israel. Light shows started with fireworks a thousand years ago, and now we are a major stepping stone in this journey."
  • Fran Arnau
    Flock Drone Art, Spain

    "The world of the drone show industry is very attractive and will soon grow a lot. The drone show industry is a new way of working and it is necessary to have a community to work together to help each other in the documentation of permits or work together on large projects. This community is a great initiative!"
  • Themis Violaris aka Papabear
    Grizzly Entertainment, Cyprus

    “GRIZZLY ENTERTAINMENT is a world leading esports, gaming & anime as well as a performance drone show and racing drone team company. We are a team of pioneers, voyagers and storytellers. We are international. We are risk averse. Sky is the limit!"
  • Mat Lawrence
    DroneSwarm, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    “We have experience in designing swarming drone platforms, drone shows, LED technologies, laser and fireworks on drones. A global community is an excellent way to develop this exciting industry through a common front of people collaborating to achieve the same goals. Drone shows are becoming more popular and it is exciting to see how this industry moves forward."
  • Murat Calik
    Lightnow Droneshow, Turkey

    “Established in 2018, our company builds its own drones and also has an animation team. We believe that this community will help us to compete with leading players. Our philosophy is based on constantly expanding our expertise by sharing knowledge with others. Indeed, the drone show industry is expected to grow to 10 times its current size within the next five years."
  • Lux Drone Italy Team

    “The strength of our team is our multitasking approach, and our desire to learn and grow everyday. Sharing our experiences, and difficulties we may face during a show is definitely important to avoid critical situations during the show."
  • Martin Codd
    Pixis Drones, USA

    "The drone industry in many respects has just started, the potential for growth is astounding. Collectively it's important that we maintain the integrity of what we are doing while pushing for standards especially as it relates to aviation so that we can maximize the potential of what is possible."
  • Anette Becerra Diaz
    UFO Experiencias sin Límites, México

    "We're an emerging company bringing the extra to the spectacle scene in the northern Mexico area. This is a quite new industry, that's why it's important to have a community so we can help each other and enrich the possibilities of our industry."
  • Anatoliy Yeroheen
    Skypix First Ukrainian Drone Light Show Company

    "The first company in Ukraine that professionally creates drone light shows which is ready to make a drone show of any level for events."
  • Kristof Blancquaert
    Skypx, Belgium

    “We are a creative company and are always looking for new technologies. The drone show industry will "explode" in the coming years."
  • Long Ngo
    Drone Show, Viet Nam

    “We have provided professional drone service for 12 years in the Vietnam market. We are the pioneer in lighting, dancing with drones in the Vietnam market. It will be very special for sales campaigns, marketing, festivals or colorful music parties with effects."
  • Mariyan Tashev
    DroneShow.BG, Bulgaria

    “I have worked with drones from the beginning when everybody thought they were just toys. As a person I am always looking for ways to step up "my game" and that was the new level - using drones to make the sky available for everybody."
  • Yuki Yamomoto
    Drone Show Japan Inc

    “With the drone industry in its infancy, drone shows are an even more niche product, and exchanging information is important.
  • Antonio Aguilera
    Watergush, Mexico

    “A thrilling, exciting and challenging new technology where the sky is no longer the limit.Similar problems require similar solutions, we need to understand that the future of the drone show industry will require the talent and experiences from all of us to improve the ecosystem.Nothing but the blue ocean ahead of us all. I think we are just scratching the surface of what is possible and what will be reality."
  • John Eric Henry
    Pinnacle Drone Light Shows, USA

    “Drone shows are a solid answer to global concerns about reducing the risk of property and life, increasing the use of clean and renewable energy, and reducing anxiety around loud sounds and explosions. Drone light shows bring solutions to many of the concerns, while still bringing the art and excitement of creating magic in the sky."
  • Matthijs Janssen
    Anymotion Productions, Netherlands

    “We are a Dutch company with years of experience in the event and drone industry. We have worked together with the Red Bull Air Race and Formula One. Together we can push our shows to the next level!"
  • Luis Angel Torres
    PR Drones - Puerto Rico, USA

    “We are bringing the future to Puerto Rico & Caribbean Islands. Providing innovative technology to our client’s imagination. Letting their creativity be made with drone animation in the sky. This community is growing each day and we are excited to be part of it.” 
  • Amer Tarawneh
    Royal hashemite court, Jordan

    "The drone show industry has no boundaries, everyone can become an active participant in it. Royal hashemite court is 100 years old and is interested in the development of the drone show industry and its own initiatives within it."

  • Frederik Heitmann
    Simple Creations, Denmark

    “Full-service technical event company with 15+ years working mainly in Scandinavia. We have been certified drone operators since 2015. We see great potential for offering these services to our existing client base and industry network.”
  • Ricardo Durán
    AiON Drone Light Show, Mexico and Dominican RepublicSA

    “Strategically positioned in Cancún, México, the best way to reach the Caribbean and South America. With over 150 successful flights in 7 countries around the world we can for sure deliver the best experience in hard-to-reach locations. We are experts in beach operations and challenging climate conditions. The Drone Show industry is still very young but demonstrating huge potential every step of the way, the future looks bright and we are very proud to be part of it. We are glad to be part of the community

  • Jeff Stein
    Drone Studios, Sen Diego

    "Based in California, we provide drone light shows for events, weddings, festivals, advertising, and city-wide celebrations. Our team helps with every step of the drone show production process from design to performance, and with necessary permits and FAA approvals. Our show designers are some of the best in the world at creating custom animations for 3D aerial storytelling. Bring your concept to life and light up the night sky!"

  • Jessie Campanero
    Hero-Experiences LLC, UAE

    “I am still quite new in the drone show industry but manage to animate/operate in the Desert of Dubai. Community is vital because it helps a lot of newcomers and creates a lot of opportunities in terms of learning and sharing new ideas."
  • Melanie Cagnon
    Drones & Co, Portugal

    “I only recently joined this new industry with my partner. We have always seen the sky as our playground, so it's great to have a new way to explore it. The best way to move forward is to discuss challenges and ideas and be part of the bigger picture. By working together, each one of us is stronger. It's so exciting to see how quickly our industry is evolving and I'm sure we are still in for a lot of surprises!"
  • Justin Arndt
    Hot Wing Drones, USA

    “We specialize in drone light show services in the entertainment industries. This new style of entertainment is fresh, and gaining popularity. Looking forward to creating great relationships with people in this industry.”
  • Alexey Dobrovolskiy
    SPH Engineering, Latvia

    "I'm the father of SPH Engineering's Drone Show Software. That journey began as a custom project for one of our US clients who asked us to provide a solution to automate small-scale drone show combined with lasers/pyros. Later that project evolved into a universal and globally popular software to manage drone shows of virtually any scale."
  • Jeongho-Seo
    GoonZipTec (DroneCircus), Republic of Korea

    “Our company focuses on unique artistic performance with drones, sharing ideas for organizing drone shows and making better safety operations.”
  • Vitor Machado
    Drones & Co, Portugal

    “We have started in 2019, until now we have produced several shows in Portugal. We need to cooperate and help each other as we are just in the beginning.”
  • Pavel Bukin

    “We are a close-knit team with over 1,5 years of flight experience, which carried out shows for city events, as well as promotions for such companies as Toyota and Radio Record. Our motto: safety is the most important thing, as well as the new entertainment opportunities and innovative dynamics”.
  • Andreas Furrer
    Sky-Work GmbH, Switzerland

    “I started with drone shows 9 months ago and did my first 20 drone shows last week! It's amazing and beautiful and - if we all, the community, does good marketing, it's going to be a "big thing"!Working together is always the best way to advance! And it's never forbidden to "copy" good things! Selling our product in a good and professional way will give a "huge, big thing" in future!”
  • Goicoechea Martin
    PHYRA, Argentina

    “We, The Drone Light Show in Argentina and Latin America, think that the exchange of information, through different companies, can help to improve security, generate trust and popularize Drone Light Shows.”
  • Kyle Garner
    Skylites, USA
    "Powered by "Laseronics" (our LASER light show company) and with 20+ years in event production, we now apply drones to create motivating events & exhibitions, with Offices in the USA and Egypt. SAFETY First! and let's keep learning.”
  • David Sayah
    The Drone Show LB, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon

    “I am highly motivated and optimistic about the future of our business. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
  • Diffuse team
    Diffuse, France

    “Our company aims to create and implement drone shows in France and abroad. Our objective is to push back the limits of the imagination, by proposing shows with high artistic added value. We believe that the drone show industry is still in its infancy and that as technology develops, new opportunities will open up for all players in the industry.”
  • Tyler Hiranaka
    Constellate Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

    “We are Hawaii's drone light show operator. Our greatest strength aside from being established community leaders from Hawaii is the quality of production that our team will put into each show. Hawaii is an older city, so we are planning an initial media demo for local marketing executives, as well as local resort executives.”
  • Ephraim Botulan
    Constellate Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

    “We are Hawaii's drone light show operator. Our greatest strength aside from being established community leaders from Hawaii is the quality of production that our team will put into each show. Hawaii is an older city, so we are planning an initial media demo for local marketing executives, as well as local resort executives.”

    “It's all about emotion. The drone show industry is at the beginning of its high potential, certainly in Europe. And we are a part of it.”
    Global drone show performances, industry achievements, professional training, community member projects
    Unique combination of Drone show, fireworks, stage pyro, flames, lasers and artistic performance in Mexico by SKYLAB & PYROTECH.
    Drone show, fireworks, stage pyro, flames, lasers and artistic performancen
    Enjoy #DroneShowSoftware illuminating the award ceremony of the #dragrace
    The capacities of the Argentinian company Cadenaci Espectáculos Visuales that has been dedicated to the realization of the most emblematic shows in Argentina for more than 60 years
    Drone Show Software advanced to run light shows with up to 1,000 UVify IFO drones
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    #DroneShowSoftware enables the entertainment industry to use drones not only as a standalone performance perfectly synchronised to music, but also to integrate drone shows as a part of more complex outdoor happenings like concerts, laser or fountain show or firework displays.


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