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If you are thinking about starting a drone light show business, but simply don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Our easy-to-follow guide will give you the best knowledge, tips, pointers, and practical guidance as you learn how to make a profitable drone show.

The guide covers everything from starting your venture to running amazing performances smoothly. Throughout your journey, our team will behere to support and assist you every step of the way.
Training and consulting program to excel in the drone show industry
Potential drone
show markets
In 2023, the drone show market demonstrated impressive growth, reaching a substantial size of $338 million, compared to previous years.
With the continuous evolution of the drone light show industry, and drone shows gaining broader adoption in mainstream entertainment, our cutting-edge drone show technologies are positioned to seize a substantial share of this dynamic and rapidly expanding market.
One of the crucial decisions you will have to make is identifying your target market. The versatility of drone shows allows you to tailor your services to a variety of audiences and venues, thus, understanding your potential markets and clients is a key to a successful start.
As a drone show provider, there are numerous opportunities to connect with potential clients in a variety of industries:

Commercial Shows for Brand Promotion

Enhance brand messaging through dynamic and memorable product launches, brand campaigns, and corporate events, integrating brand logos, colors, and themes.

Public Celebrations

Add a modern touch to the festivities by elevating city festivals and community events with captivating drone shows.

Sports Events

Drone light shows boost halftime shows, pre-game entertainment, and championship games, providing a unique and engaging experience for sports fans.

Small Private Celebrations

Drone swarm light shows elevate private events, such as weddings, birthdays, and intimate gatherings, making each one truly special and unforgettable.

Country and City Projects

Shape city and country identity with stunning drone light displays for national celebrations and landmark events.

Before entering the drone show business, we recommend that you examine regional demand, analyze competition, and work to understand the distinct needs of various market segments.

Starting a drone show business offers unprecedented versatility and growth opportunities, as you begin to explore multiple potential markets or create a niche that resonates with your expertise.
How to choose drones for a drone show?
When selecting drones for a drone show, it is essential to consider several factors as well as drone specifications.
The specific requirements of your show
Firstly, assess the specific requirements of your show, such as venue type, complexity of choreography, and desired light effects. Based on that, decide on the drones’ technical capabilities.
Drone costs
Secondly, drone costs play a major role in decision-making. While budget-friendly options may be appealing, it is crucial to find a balance between affordability and performance.
Drones for drone light show compatible with Drone Show Software
The size and weight of the drones
Additionally, the size and weight of the drones affects maneuverability and precision, for example, how swiftly and accurately the elaborate formations in the sky will be made.

The brightness of the drone lights is another factor under consideration, as it directly influences the visual impact of the show. Add a layer of sophistication to the drone swarm light shows by choosing drones with white color and high-intensity LEDs to produce vivid and dynamic light displays.
Drone flight time
Drone flight time is a critical factor in determining the duration of the spectacle. Prioritize models with longer battery life to sustain extended performances, and choose drones that can seamlessly integrate with the Drone Show Software for choreography design, as it is essential for creating synchronized and flawless performances.
GPS capabilities
Finally, opt for drones with reliable GPS capabilities, as this contributes to precise positioning during intricate maneuvers.
Ultimately, finding a balance between performance capabilities, reliability, and cost will help you choose the ideal drones for creating mesmerizing and unforgettable aerial displays.

Important note on drone safety and efficiency:

While you might be a great engineer, for safety reasons, consider choosing a reliable manufacturer instead of making UAVs in-house. In today's market, specialized UAV manufacturers offer reliable options that suit every budget. As safety is one of the most important concerns at the Drone Show Software, we meticulously test new drone models and are ready to offer our guidance in choosing the safest and most compatible drones for your drone light show.

Drone show animation
Creating captivating animations involves a blend of creativity and technical precision.
This guide outlines the process of crafting animations using Blender, and provides insights into the essential steps for checking, exporting, and optimizing drone animations through our Drone Show Creator.
Create animations in Blender
Blender stands as a powerful and versatile 3D creation suite, providing a robust platform for crafting lifelike drone animations.

Designing in Blender

Blender's intuitive interface helps to model and animate drones, bringing movements and choreography to life.

Exporting Animations with Blender Addon

Use Blender Addon functionality to check and export animations to PATH files, ensuring compatibility with subsequent tools.

Create animations with Drone Show Creator
Drone Show Creator is the drone show technology designed to streamline the production of drone light shows and optimize technical aspects of the creative process.
User Interface of Drone Show Creator to effortless create take-off and landing formations for drone light shows


Aids in the effortless creation of takeoff and landing formations, seamless linking of key scenes, and maintaining a safe speed and distance between drones.


Facilitates the automatic morphing between key scenes, enhancing the fluidity and visual appeal of animations.


Offers the Collision feature that ensures that the drones do not breach the set safety threshold, thus minimizing the risk of collisions.


The Speed feature guarantees that drones maintain physical speed limits, thereby preventing unsafe flying speeds.


Allows export of animations in either PATH or PATH3 format, aligning with industry standards and compatibility requirements.

Additionally, Drone Show Software Path Viewer allows easy presentation of animations to event directors, while showcasing choreography and confirming safety measures.

Alternative options for animation creation:
In addition to giving you the opportunity to flex your creative talents using Blender or Drone Show Creator, we also provide several options if you’d prefer a ready-made approach.

1. Purchase a custom-made animation designed by our skilled animation network
2. Explore ready-to-use animation sets available for purchase in our
Our diverse collection ranges from classic themes to elaborate designs with anywhere from 50 to 2,000 drones, thus addressing various occasions, tastes, and budgets.
Building a drone show team
The success of your drone show is determined by the expertise of the individuals comprising your team. When starting a drone show business, it is essential to build a team of professionals with dedicated roles, such as:
Drone Show Software drone pilots
Drone show pilot
The leader of your team, who should possess unparalleled knowledge of the show process and a vast understanding of all safety aspects.
Drone Show Software the leading Drone Show Technologies by SPH Engineering
Drone specialist / Co-pilot
The hardware expert, who plays a crucial role in the seamless execution of the drone show, especially during the absence of the main pilot.
Drone Show Software pilots, Drone Show technologies by SPH Engineering
Executive producer
As a pivotal figure, the executive producer oversees organizational and executive tasks, ensuring the smooth orchestration of the entire operation.
Drones ready to take off before drone show
Creative mind / Battery manager
Holding two important responsibilities, the creative mind/battery manager executes design ideas for animations, while also ensuring every drone battery is fully charged and ready for showtime.
for launching 
a drone show
Launching your very first drone show requires a meticulous approach and thorough preparations. Below, you will find a concise checklist to guide you as you begin:
Select your package based on specific needs and budget
Get the first drones delivered to you next month
Undergo our drone show training, complete a test, and get a certification
Receive the remaining fleet of drones
Design a detailed drone show plan
Examine the drone show site, evaluating its safety, visibility, and regulatory compliance
Get the approval from a client on the animation concept, and finalize the animation in Drone Show Creator
Formalize all terms in a detailed agreement with clear expectations from both parties
Obtain flight permits to ensure adherence to local regulations
Coordinate equipment delivery and optimize workforce productivity
Perform several test flights of the upcoming drone show on site to ensure flawless performance
Fly your first drone light show showcasing your business's capabilities
If you are ready to dive into drone show business, and get valuable insights from industry leaders, check out our dedicated drone show course to get valuable business tools, resources, and insights from industry leaders.
Tailored for those aspiring to be drone show providers, the course discloses all the distinctive technical aspects and challenges associated with orchestrating drone swarm light shows.

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