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Kick-start your drone show business with our all-inclusive solution, including Drone Show Software, an authorized drone fleet, technology for animation creation, and certified training programs. Now you can create and fly your first drone show in just 3 months!

About Drone Show Software

The Drone Show Software is the world’s most stable, robust, and innovative software for drone light shows. With safety and performance as a priority, our technology is constantly tested, and continuously improved to meet demands for industry evolution.


Our safety-enhancing Alerts feature was developed by data, analysis, and impact of 70+ emergency situations over the past 8 years. This advanced early warning system instantly informs operators of potential issues or system failures, so that problems can be swiftly resolved before danger or damage occurs.

Double Geofence and Hardfence

Prior to every flight, our drones receive an uploaded virtual geofence for enhanced safety measures. If the drone approaches the geofence, RETURN HOME will be automatically triggered. If the drone surpasses the geofence and reaches the system-designated hardfence border, a DISARM action will be activated and the drone will be safely grounded.

GPS corrections redundancy

RTK GPS corrections are transmitted through Wi-Fi, as well as a secondary channel (433/915 MHz). If a drone loses Wi-Fi mid-flight, communication will continue seamlessly through the secondary channel. Emergency commands - HOLD, RETURN HOME, LAND, or DISARM - can be efficiently transmitted through either channel.

Red Button

In case of a malfunction of the main PC, the red button allows you to stop the show and return the drones home, if necessary.

Time Code

Drone Show Software incorporates a timecode-adapted module, which enables precise coordination and synchronization with external devices, music sources, and DJ consoles. The drone system time automatically adjusts when differing from GPS time by more than 100 ms.

DSS Controller

Visualize all drone locations in 3D with DSS 3D Map Interface. Monitor real-time weather conditions and forecast changes. Minimize collision risk with smart Return-to-Home functionality. Easily import VVIZ animations into Finale 3D software, and convert VVIZ formats to PATH3 files.

You are always in control with Drone Show Software Controller.

Drone show simulation

Drone show pilots can simulate flights without real drones, allowing risk-free practice for both experienced pilots and new team members using firmware identical to that installed on the actual drones.


When uploading animation to drones, it is crucial to adhere to industry distance regulations and ensure speed compliance. Our Blender plugin, combined with Path Viewer or Drone Show Creator, empowers designers with the ability to verify permissible limits. The exceptional quality of 24 FPS animation offers a modern TV-quality refresh rate, in addition to dynamic and unique features like strobe effects.

Our software supports both light and pyro missions, with a variety of integrated commands to instantly change LED colors in the animation, or to adjust the drone YAW position to rotate fireworks.

Endless possibilities for animation

Unlock the potential of drone show animation by accessing professional-grade ready-to-use animation sets, creating your own choreography using Drone Show Creator, or requesting custom animations from our team of professional animators.

Drone Show Creator possibilities

Key features
Drone Show Creator is a tailored technology that makes the process of a light show design fast and easy by optimizing the technical part of the creative process.
UI of Drone Show Creator - the tailored technology making the process of a light show design fast and easy by optimizing the technical part of the creative process


We offer a team of professional animators experienced in Drone Show Software, who can create custom animations for your special needs and requests
Drone show animation as-a-service for Drone Show SoftwareDrone show animation as-a-service for Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering

Ready-to-fly animation samples for a quick start

Drone Show Software comes with a set of basic ready-to-use animation samples for events like engagement proposals, birthday parties and others.

Animation marketplace

Our ready-to-use animations, designed for 50 to 2000 drones, can be seamlessly integrated into any venue, saving you time and streamlining the animation creation process.
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Begin with a small investment and as your business expands, scale your fleet to reach new heights of success.
Take the first step now
Take the first step now
Drone for drone light show compatible with Drone Show Software
Drone option No.1
Drone for drone light show compatible with Drone Show Software
Drone option No.2
Drone for drone swarm light show compatible with Drone Show Software
Drone option No.3
Drone for drone swarm light show compatible with Drone Show Software
Drone option No.4
Dimensions (W x L x H)
205 x 205 x 123 mm
266 x 240 x 152 mm
275 x 275 x 125 mm
190 x 190 x 80 mm
Weight (without battery)
560 g
900 g
635 g
180 g
Max flight time
25 min
25 min
22 min
25 min
Real show time
16 min
20 min
13 min
12 min
5 drones per case
5 drones per case
6 drones per case
10 drones per case
Brightness of LED
2200 Lumens
510 Lux
840 Lumens
900 Lumens
Concurrent constellations
Training and consulting

Expand your expertise and achieve recognition

Drone Show Software - drone light show training and consultation to take off
Our training and consulting program equips you with the essential hands-on skills and scalable knowledge to build a successful drone show business.
The series of workshops are built to cover 4 core blocks:
business aspects
animation design
marketing activities
During the program, you will learn how to: estimate profit and loss, build a business model, set up and manage a drone swarm show, design drone show animation, build promotional campaigns and activities to maximize PR value, achieve success as a drone show business owner.
Start now
Start now

The hands-on training program is led by our team of experienced instructors, drone show engineers and a designer

trained professionals
days online/on-site /hybrid program
upon successful completion of training program

Certification for drone show teams

The certificate is an essential document for each member of the drone swarm light show team to obtain permission to fly from the authorities.
Our solution aligns with the standards set by  global authorities, such as the FAA, CAA, and others.
Step 1
Complete a 3-day theoretical and practical training course
Step 2
Successfully pass an online test for each member of the drone show team
Step 3
Receive a certificate, verifying compliance with essential knowledge standards for safe drone light show operation
Drone light show pilot certification | Drone Show Software
Please note that certification is required by authorities in many countries to ensure safe and responsible operation of drone shows.

Support team is always at your disposal

Each client is entitled to 12 months of support*
Quick answers to the most difficult questions
Individual approach
Direct WhatsApp access in case of emergency
The working hours of Drone Show Software
Support: Mo-Fri 09:00-18:00 (UTC+02:00)

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