Take Your Business to New Heights: The Top Ingredients for a Successful Drone Show Recipe!

SPH Engineering on March 30, 2023 at 6pm (EET=GMT +3) will be hosting a cost-free WEBINAR with its partner LUMENIER on how to take Your Business to New Heights: The Top Ingredients for a Successful Drone Show Recipe!
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March 27, 2023
Product news

If you are interested in creating spectacular & memorable drone shows, then this webinar is perfect for you. It’ll explore the latest and most innovative solutions in the drone show industry and learn how to take advantage of them for your next shows. Whether you're just starting out in the drone show industry or you're an experienced professional, our webinar offers practical advice that you can use. You'll learn what to do first to start your drone show, as well as how to enhance your existing shows with cutting-edge solutions.

We are thrilled to have Chris BECKMAN, the General Manager of Lumenier as our webinar speaker, and we can't wait to hear his insights on Lumenier drones. He’s equipped with a high level of business and technical expertise, as he has been at the forefront in shifting the Lumenier brand to a broader commercial focus.  

From SPH Engineering part we’re delighted to have Ilze MOZALEVSKA, the Lead Sales Manager of Drone Show Technologies as our webinar speaker. She’s a knowledgeable professional with extensive experience in providing clients with top-notch drone-based solutions.

And of course, we're pleased to explore the limitless potential of drone show technology from Alexander LEVANDOVSKIY, who is a true visionary leader. He’s played an integral role in building the Drone Show Software brand from scratch & with the team of skilled professionals, he has taken part in launching some of the largest drone shows at world-renowned events such as the Super Bowl, making him a profound expert in this field.

Unveil the latest solutions in the Drone Show Industry with SPH Engineering and LUMENIER Drones & sign up for the webinar!

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