Omnia Earns Certification in SPH Engineering’s Drone Show Software

SPH Engineering proudly announces that Omnia S.A.R.L., based in Beirut, Lebanon, is now a certified member of the Drone Show Community after completing an advanced training program in Drone Show Software. This certification enables Omnia to deliver highly professional and precise drone light shows.
July 9, 2024

The 4-day training held in Lebanon involved both theoretical lessons and practical sessions. The program covered important topics such as legal compliance, safety measures, and animation design, ensuring that Omnia is fully prepared to use Drone Show Software safely and effectively.

“Before launching the drone light show, we meticulously connected all elements and ensured they seamlessly work together. Understanding emergency procedures and safety measures boosted our confidence to flawlessly execute the drone show, which was the most satisfying part of the training.” , shared a spokesperson from Omnia. 

We congratulate Omnia on their achievement and look forward to their innovative performances in the Middle East region.

SPH Engineering's Drone Show Technologies has been a pioneer in the Drone Show Software market for over 8 years. Our training programs, which have graduated by over 400 professionals, are designed to promote innovation, unlock creative potential, and ensure a thorough understanding of safety procedures in drone light show operations.

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