Drone Show Software

Drone Show Software enables simultaneous and synchronised control of dozens of drones as flying pixels with an integrated open source 3D mission planning plugin. Create and manage truly amazing outdoor drone swarm shows! Manage drone shows by one drone operator from one computer!

Drone Show Software currently is the only one commercially available software for drone swarm mission planning, management and payload control with a plugin to transform 3D animation into drone flight paths.


Currently, Drone Show Software supports drones built with Pixhawk autopilot. More detailed technical information about our current show drones is published on GitHub, but you can build your show drone fleet according to your specific requirements, but with a Pixhawk autopilot. 

RTK GPS for advanced precision

When flying a large number of drones simultaneously in close proximity to one another, precision is key. It is vital to ensure that necessary distance is kept between drones and there are no fluctuations in sensor readings. To ensure best drone swarm positioning precision RTK GPS should be used.


Drone Show Software enriches possibilities of outdoor shows by adding drone swarm equipped with LEDs, fireworks, smoke generators and other special effects choreographed to music.

Drone Show Choreography

To set up a drone swarm show: choreograph the flight of drones and light effect in 3D animation software, convert the choreography into flight plans for Drone Show Software - the drone show is ready for take-off! The show can be managed by one drone operator from a single computer equipped with Drone Show Software.

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