A unique studio “Animation and Flying Drones” for the younger generation will be held at Exupery International Camp

Riga, Latvia - July 18, 2022 - SPH Engineering, Exupery International Camp & Base Motion launched the first studio for children to create a drone show. The thematic studio will be held from 18 to 29 July in a place that embraces innovation and fresh thinking - at Exupery International School.
Product news
July 18, 2022
Product news

For two weeks, with the participation of experienced professionals, children will get acquainted with the programs that are used in the process of preparing the drone show, will create choreography for the show, and will work with drones. The result of the studio will be the launch of the drone show by students.

"We are very enthusiastic about this project. The drone show industry is gaining momentum, so the demand for professionals who can develop this industry is growing. I can say with confidence that educating the younger generation about such an exciting profession is not only a pleasure for us, but also a contribution to the sustainability of the drone show industry" comments Alex Levandovskiy, head of the Drone Show Software division at SPH Engineering.

The process of creating a drone show consists of several stages, the key of which are coming up with an idea for a show, creating animation, preparing equipment, setting up software and hardware, and teamwork when launching a drone show. Camp participants will be introduced to all these stages by experts from the Base Motion post production studio specializing in drone show choreography and character animation and Drone Show Software team, which has been developing the drone show industry for 6 years by helping hundreds of companies launch drone shows around the world.

Exupery International Camp - www.facebook.com/ExuperyInternationalCamp

Base Motion studio - www.facebook.com/basemotioneu

Drone Show Software - www.droneshowsoftware.com

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