Aerial Animations Successfully Completes Drone Show Software Training

SPH Engineering is pleased to announce that our esteemed cooperation partner, Aerial Animations, based in the US, has completed an intensive 4-day onsite training program in our cutting-edge Drone Show Software. This accomplishment certifies Aerial Animations to conduct drone light shows with high precision and professionalism.
May 8, 2024

Over the course of four days, held onsite in Minnesota, US, Aerial Animations dedicated themselves to both theoretical and practical training. The comprehensive program covered legal compliance, safety regulations, and animation mastery, ensuring that Aerial Animations is well-equipped to leverage the full capabilities of Drone Show Software while prioritizing safety above all else. We congratulate Aerial Animations on their successful completion of our training program and look forward to seeing their creativity soar in the world of drone entertainment.

Drone Show Technologies by SPH Engineering is a market pioneer in cutting-edge Drone Show Software, with more than 8 years of experience. Having successfully trained over 400 professionals, Drone Show Technologies’ training programs are designed to foster innovation, unleash creative potential, and ensure a deep understanding of all safety aspects involved in flying a drone swarm light shows and starting drone show business.

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