Behind the scenes / Success story of DroneDreams (Germany)

Watch the story of a drone show business launch from DroneDreams (Germany) and discover how Fabian Reinholz started back in 2020 the journey of his new business as a drone show provider.
Customer cases
November 4, 2021
Customer cases

In the video Fabian talks about the team of professionals - the core of DroneDreams, and analyses the formation stages which his business passed through, from foundation to launch of the first major show and eventually to development of proprietary drones. Also, Fabian shares the details of planning and flying their latest major drone light shows in Reinstetten and Ingolstadt, Germany.

Founded in 2020, DroneDreams is a provider of unique drone light show experience in Germany. DroneDreams' drone shows make every event a must-see event. They inspire people of different professions and hobbies. They impress with a completely new type of entertainment, offering an extraordinary experience! Drone light shows from DroneDreams are high-tech performances and offer the right flight and light spectacle for every occasion.

Discover more of DroneDreams at www.dronedreams.de

For more details reach out to info@dronedreams.de

Guest speaker:
Fabian Reinholz, CEO at DroneDreams

The path towards founding DroneDreams Fabian started back in 2014, when he landed an apprenticeship at Soundline Ton und Lichttechnik with a focus on multimedia show concepts. Later, in 2018, he moved to DS Showlaser, where he gained solid experience in managing unique laser shows. In 2020 he founded DroneDreams, a pioneer in drone shows in Germany, capable of providing exciting audio-visual mix of contemporary drone, light, video and media art.

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