Drone Show Competition application campaign extended by 1 week

The organizers of the 3rd International Drone Show Competition have decided to extend the application campaign for one week in accordance with the many requests of the participants.
Drone Show Competition
November 16, 2022
Drone Show Competition

The participants of the Сompetition get the opportunity to work on applications for one more week. Participants in 2022 can submit applications in 5 nominations, 2 of which (“Best drone show animation” and "Best integrated show simulation: Fireworks and Drones”) require the preparation of special projects for the Competition.

In order to apply for participation in the "Best drone show animation" nomination, participants, using special programs such as Blender, Cinema 4d and Drone Show Creator, prepare a thematic animation of 2 or more figures with transitions. The topic of this year's nomination is Marine stories. Participants who present the most interesting works and the concept of the future whole show will get the opportunity to present their drone show choreograph  at the International Drone Show Festival in Spain in 2022.

Not only companies that already have experience in the drone show industry, but also fireworks companies that have not yet flown a drone show, but are interested in integrating technologies, can take part in the nomination "Best integrated show simulation: Fireworks and Drones".Participants in this nomination receive free access to two programs for the duration of the competition, the Finale 3D and Drone Show Creator, which are necessary to create the final project.

In both nominations, which were discussed above, participants need a considerable amount of time to prepare projects. While nominations such as "Best drone show storytelling", "Best drone show at the event" and “Best promotional drone show” are simpler in terms of the steps to apply. Participants in these three nominations send videos of drone shows that have already taken place and their description.The organizers of the Competition are interested in that everyone who wants to take part in the Competition has time to complete their work and submit it for evaluation to the jury members, including representatives of the media industry, drone companies, organizers of the International Drone Show Festival and drone show technology professionals.

The partners of this year's Сompetition are:

  • Flyfire, who present the winners in the “Best integrated show simulation: Fireworks and Drones” nomination 5 Flyfire Kaiken drone kit, ready to fly,
  • Flock Drone Art, who will work with the winners in the “Best drone show animation” nomination to prepare the final choreography and who will take this choreography to the sky at the Festival with their fleet,
  • Finale Fireworks, who provide access to the Finale 3D Pro license to everyone who wants to take part in the nomination “Best integrated show simulation: Fireworks and Drones”,
  • And others.
Hurry up to apply for the Competition and follow the news!

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