Drone shows as an integral part of the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is one of the most dynamic areas that responds to the demand of the consumer and his constant expectation of new experiences. Events that integrate different approaches always attract their visitors.
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May 5, 2022
Product news

Children are waiting for fireworks, adults go to art performances, young people are always happy to see popular artists and everyone is always waiting for something new that will inspire them with ideas or simply not leave them indifferent.

So in the last few years, drone shows have become the highlight of major events. It is safe to say that despite the fact that drone shows have been supplemented by public or private celebrations, corporate and sports events, amusement park programs and concerts for several years now, the viewer is still not tempted by this technology. Each time the drone show evokes a number of enthusiastic emotions and each time there will be a viewer who sees it for the first time.

So what is a drone show?

In simple terms, this is a certain number of light drones that are programmed by technology to interact in the sky and create any images conceived by the organizer.

Drone shows today can be of any size - from a fleet of 20 drones to several thousand, the only question is what the organizer of the event is willing to show in this part of the entertainment program. Interestingly, a drone show can carry not only beautiful entertainment, but also any idea, an appeal. Moreover, it is quite easy, adding an inscription or logo from drones.

For example, for a birthday or wedding, a fleet of 20 drones is enough to surprise guests.

The Olympic Games, Super Bowl, city-level commemorations, advertising companies of world-famous brands have already integrated the drone shows. But the sky has no boundaries, and the ideas of event industry professionals are hard to stop in your creativity. Everyone is looking for new practices and approaches. And here we come, the creators of drone show technology.

Super Bowl's 2022 drone show

A technology, like Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering, allows one to quickly start a new business and grow a fleet of drones up from small scale to mid- and large scale. With a set of the software and drones, once trained a drone show provider gets a tool to open new horizons in business and offer customers unusual solutions.

And who can become a drone show provider?

Anyone who has a need to diversify their portfolio with innovative ideas. Drone shows can be a great business opportunity for fireworks companies, drone service providers, as well as a great piece of technology that big event agents can buy. A fleet of drones can be conquered by any enthusiast, if you responsibly pass the training that the Drone Show Software team conducts at the highest professional level.

By purchasing a solution, you can greatly simplify the path to organizing as many drone shows as your market demands. The new business line can start to pay off after seven shows.

Our technology-trained customers are successfully operating over 7,000 drones in more than 55 countries all over the world organizing drone shows every day. It is important to say that despite these figures, we understand that the drone show market is only 1 tenth full and literally requires new players and new ideas.

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