First drone show in Lebanon, created with Drone Show Software

The show at the Presidential palace in Beirut included 60 drones, all made specially for the occasion.
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May 20, 2019
Customer cases

The drone show, that was launched at the beginning of April 2019, was created by Cotillions Al Arz, a Lebanese entertainment service company. “We are really excited and proud to bring the first ever drone light show in Lebanon,” said David Sayah, COO of The drone show LB by Cotillions Al Arz. He continued, “The show was such an unequivocal success with the public, that now we are certain – there will be many more to follow!”

The 15-minute show was created using Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering – the world’s only widely available software for drone shows. Its features allow the user to create an astonishing drone show step-by-step: from the setup of drone hardware and firmware, the transfer of 3D animation to drone flight paths, to the management of the final performance. It offers a wide choice of drone `dance` moves, smooth movement with up to 2,000 trajectory points on the flight path and solid safety measures, including a double virtual fence.

Outdoor drone shows offer a variety of uses and include options to integrate with other show elements. Usually, drones use colored LED lights for the performance, but they can also be fitted with fireworks, colorful smoke generators, and other eye-catching attractions.

Drone Show Software is compatible with many types of drones from a range of different producers. Cotillions Al Arz settled for IFO drones from the San Francisco-based UVify company — a leader within the drone show industry and a strategic partner of Riga-based SPH Engineering.


SPH Engineering is the world’s premier software developer and integration services provider for unmanned systems. I
ts UgCS, Drone Show Softwareand, UgCS Command & Control software, as well as integration solutions for drones with methane detectors, laser altimeters, metal detectors and Ground Penetrating Radars, are applied across a wide range of industries worldwide.
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Image Copyright Cotillions Al Arz https://www.facebook.com/thedroneshowlb

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