"Get Ready to Soar: Drones from Mexico Deliver the Ultimate Drone Show Experience with DR-001!"

As the world becomes increasingly fascinated with the capabilities of drone shows, WG Drones, a Mexico-based company has been leading the way in the drone show industry almost since its foundation in 2015. WG Drones has quickly become one of the leaders in the manufacturing, servicing, and repairing drones for drone show providers.
Product news
March 1, 2023
Product news

One of the standout products from WG Drones is the DR-001, which has been making headlines worldwide. Equipped with one of the brightest LEDs in the market, 2200 Lumens RGBW LEDs, the DR-001 is ready to meet all outdoor drone show needs. It is also fully COMPATIBLE with SPH Engineering Drone Show Software, making it a TOP choice for drone show providers.

WG drones are incredibly light, easy to handle, and compact - weighing 920g with the battery (565g without a battery). Thus, the transportation of the system is a breeze with each carry-on coroplast, rigid plastic case in two sizes: 35 x 35 x 61.2 cm holding 5 drones and 35 x 25 x 73.2 cm holding 6 drones or telemetry equipment. Besides it’s possible to organize transportation using pelican cases for 20 drones, for bigger fleets or international travels. That all makes the system ideal for both small operators just entering the field and for larger companies - dramatically simplifying the logistics process.

WG Drones has been working with companies around the world to create spectacular drone shows that capture the imagination of audiences. One of the most impressive displays of the DR-001 was during the Christmas shows performed by Citelum Mexico and Lumia studio. The animations were spectacular, and the drone's performance was flawless.

Similarly, Citelum Mexico worked with WG Drones to create a Valentine's Day drone show in Puebla, Mexico, which was a huge success, providing a unique and romantic experience for loved ones. They use the limitless expanse of the sky as their canvas, allowing for boundless creativity creating mesmerizing representations that convey captivating stories.

The DR-001 has also been used in a range of other events, including the Ezequiel Morales Meat and Wine Fair 2023 in Querétaro, Mexico, and the Archery World Cup in Tlaxcala, Mexico, designed by Space Drone Show. The center of the city was glowing with the show that set an end to an eventful weekend. With 25 minutes maximum flight time and 15 m/s maximum sustained wind speed, the DR-001 is a powerful tool for creating unforgettable experiences.

The company's commitment to innovate & enhance further the experience for audiences is also evident in its use of cutting-edge GPS technology. The M8P and F9P GPS compatibility ensures precise navigation and positioning, which is essential for any drone show provider.

WG Drones has been expanding its reach around the world, with the DR-001 taking flight in Korea and other locations. The company is thrilled to see its drones being used to create breathtaking displays across the globe and is eager to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible with drone technology.

So, WG Drones from Mexico has made a name for itself as a leader in the drone show industry, thanks in large part to the DR-001 drone. As the company continues to innovate and expand, we can expect to see even more exciting developments in the future, bringing joy to audiences everywhere!

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