Hot trend: start your drone show business

The demand for drone light shows is growing around the globe. Wherever drones light up the sky, they leave audiences amazed, inspired, and with lasting memories. In simple terms, a drone show is a certain number of light drones that are programmed to interact in the sky and create any images conceived by the organizer.
How to
December 6, 2022
How to

Drone shows can be any size, from a fleet of 20 to several thousand. A drone show can carry not only beautiful entertainment, but also any idea or appeal. It is quite easy to use drones to showcase a logo or inscription.

Organizers of the Olympic Games, Super Bowl, city-level commemorations, and advertising campaigns of world-famous brands have already integrated drone shows into their programs. The sky has no boundaries, and the creative ideas of event-industry professionals are hard to stop, as everyone is looking for new practices and approaches.

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