How to create a beautiful drone show presentation using nothing but a simple animation and Drone Show Software

Within the bustling world of drones there are always open opportunities to be followed and a drone show service is certainly one of them. Even if you don’t have the funding or the technical knowledge of setting up your own fleet of drones, there are other convenient ways to score that investment pitch without even having touched a drone.
How to
May 1, 2020
How to

Let’s start with the basics of your show – it’s the vision of what you want to present your audience. Get yourself a clean sheet and make some sketches – short scenes that you would want to display using the drones. For example, you have a wedding in mind, so you start with the obvious symbols – a heart, a diamond ring, a pair of wedding rings and the magical words “I DO”

Now you should make these symbols nice and regular as well as turn all of this into something watchable so you take the free and open source 3D creation tool Blender. Spend a few hours learning about basic concepts of drawing animation using the tons of Blender tutorials available online and set yourself on a dedicated path to getting your basic animation ready.

Covering all nuances of creating specific animations for drone shows requires more than a few pages and an hour of watching tutorials, but with some dedication everyone is able to get it done. During the process of creating the animation it is important to respect physical limitations of the drones which might actually perform the animation - this means keeping the distance between every two objects (drones) at least 2.5 meters and the speeds the objects are moving under 5 meters per second.

Let’s assume that a few days later you’ve got your simple animation ready. The end product would look like a grid of colored spheres where each sphere represents a drone and its color during the show.

Still to be completely sure that your creation is up to the task of lighting the sky with dozens of drones, it must be verified using the Drone Show Software provided Python scripts which help to verify the finished animation for safety.

A more accessible and visually appealing way of checking the finished animation is the Path Viewer tool which is available with the Drone Show Software - leading software solution for drone swarm control.

The Path Viewer can be used to check the animation for collisions and speed problems as well as to demonstrate the finished animation on the map at a specific location.

The tool also allows to visualize any possible dangerous situations during the show - the drone paths are colored based on each of the drone’s speed or proximity to another drone.

Once the animation has been confirmed to be safe you can use the same Path viewer which is included with the Drone Show Software to beautifully visualize your creation anywhere on earth using a three dimensional map.

Here is a simulated flight of the animation in Drone Show Software:

With the help of such good looking visualizations it is easy to gain momentum and find investors who can help to actually fly the created animation with real drones. The last step is to perform the finished animation with real drones and here is the video how such animation looks in real life:

This is all it takes to become a creator in the sky using Drone Show Software. In about a week anyone can get one's idea into the air and display to the public or simply present it as a lucrative opportunity in the future.

Other real shows are available on our portfolio page: https://www.droneshowsoftware.com/portfolio

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