Jordan's Royal Wedding and Independence Day Celebration Sets Record with Daily Drone Spectacle

HoverUp, the first Drone Show Company in Jordan, in partnership with SPH Engineering, mesmerized audiences with an unprecedented Drone Shows achievement during the Jordan's Royal Wedding and Independence Day celebration. Utilizing a fleet of 400 drones, HoverUp set the record for the most number of drone light shows conducted per day, captivating audiences with 2-3 shows each day.
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June 27, 2023
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The Abdali Drone Show, held in celebration of Jordan's Royal Wedding and Independence Day, showcased a breathtaking display of synchronized movements and intricate formations. The night sky of Abdali transformed into a canvas of vibrant colors and patterns, as expert drone pilots meticulously choreographed the performances using the advanced Drone Show Technology from SPH Engineering.

One of the show's standout moments was a stunning mid-air formation representing Jordan's 77th Independence Day, the Royal Crown, Flag of Jordan, and The Initials of the Crown Prince and Princess Rajwa. This awe-inspiring display generated immense excitement and buzz, captivating the attention of audiences worldwide.

"The Abdali Drone Show surpassed all expectations, not only in terms of its artistic brilliance but also in the technical feat we accomplished," said Abdullah A., the head of PR at HoverUp. "To conduct multiple drone shows per day using 400 drones is a testament to our team's expertise and the power of Drone Show Software from SPH Engineering. This record-breaking achievement made our show truly unforgettable."

"The Abdali Drone Show was a testament to the power of innovation and creativity. Through a harmonious fusion of technology, artistry, and the record-breaking achievement of conducting multiple drone shows per day, HoverUp and the remarkable Drone Show Software from SPH Engineering created an unforgettable spectacle that captivated audiences and made headlines worldwide. This milestone showcases the incredible potential of Drone Show Software to create record-breaking global events for any occasion." - Alex Levandovskiy, Head of Drone Show Technology at SPH Engineering


Drone Show Technology from SPH Engineering is a comprehensive software solutions for creating and running drone shows. It allows users to create complex 3D animations, synchronize drones in real-time, and manage the whole show from a single interface. The software supports a wide range of drones and allows users to create customized shows for any occasion or event.

About Drone Show Software: www.droneshowsoftware.com

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