Members of the Drone Show Community set records

Sky Elements, a North Texas drone show company flew a holiday-themed show using 1,001 drones, making it the largest drone show ever seen in Texas.
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December 28, 2022
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The previous record is a show utilizing 1,000 drones by Intel in 2020. The show was flown on Sunday, December 18th 2022 in North Richland Hills.Sky Elements is a unique company from the United States of America that is developing at an incredible rate, telling amazing stories in the sky. Sky Elements has worked with such clients as the Dallas Football Club, Amazon Prime Video and Paramount+. Throughout the 2022 year Sky Elements has conducted over 350 separate shows and have launched over 100,000 drones into the air.

“Choosing a favorite show is difficult, but if I had to pick one it would be the 1,001 Christmas drone show we did. The reason this one is my favorite is because the entire team pulled together and we were able to find the site, design, the display, make a story, record voice overs, and produce a video in 9 days from start to finish. This just highlights how special the Sky Elements team is and shows that no task is too big for us to pull together and accomplish with perfect execution” comments Preston Ward who is a chief pilot and leads Sky Elements drone shows in business development, training, communication, and operations.

Within the framework of the 3rd International Drone Show Competition, Sky Elements not only became the winner in one of the main nominations, but also received a special prize for the best idea for promoting a drone show. Together with partners Magical Light Shows, Sky Elements also received high marks for the unbelievable combination of drone show, lighting design and music. Everyone should see the Sky Elements drone show, if not live, then at least on video, because the production of the team is also always at a high level!

“I hope that all drone fans in 2023 can see a drone show in person. Almost every show we do the majority of the audience has never seen a drone show in person. We love hearing the comments from people about how amazing and mind-blowing seeing a show in person is. Almost every single person is blown away by how much larger in person a drone show is compared to videos. We hope to bring more shows to more communities all over the country and worldwide in 2023!” comments Preston.Sky Elements Drone Shows is a user of the Drone Show Software technology and a member of the Drone Show Global Community, which has been pushing the boundaries of the drone show industry for years and demonstrating that there are no barriers for drone show providers, only opportunities!

Sky Elements Drone Shows: www.skyelementsdrones.com
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok
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