Mesmerising seasonal drone show choreography

When was the last time you saw Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer leaping over the sky? With 50 drones and powerful drone show software always at hand, we thought, why not bring a childhood dream into a bright LED reality?
Product news
December 21, 2018
Product news

As drone shows become exponentially popular all around the world, DroneShowSoftware.com by SPH Engineering evolves to handle even more and more complicated tasks and figures for outdoor shows.

The drone flight choreography was created in collaboration with baseMotion.eu, one of the most experienced Latvian graphical animation companies. “It’s our first drone show, but absolutely not our last. As our work is mostly contained within the digital realm, we would like to thank SPH Engineering for providing us with the opportunity to explore this exciting new medium. Drones can really perform some breathtaking tricks! It’s definitely time to bring drone shows into the spotlight.” says Armands Blumbergs of baseMotion.eu.

So let Rudolph’s nose light up your way! Here’s to a joyful 2019!
Happy Holidays from everyone at SPH Engineering.
May you have a spectacular New Year!

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