SPH Engineering unveils an addition to UgCS family – UgCS Drone Dance Controller

As the popularity and availability of drones increase so do the ideas for applications. One such application is the use of drones for entertainment shows. While flying a pack of drones with synchronized moves in the air is no easy task, it can produce a truly stunning view, especially if the drones are equipped with LED lights or other show elements.
Product news
July 19, 2016
Product news

For this purpose, SPH Engineering has developed UgCS DDC - UgCS Drone Dance Controller (Drone Show Software). UgCS DDC is a version of UgCS ground control software for drones that is custom-built for use in drone shows. It is capable of handling the simultaneous and synchronized control of dozens of drones.

In addition to the standard UgCS client and Service manager, it also features a DDC client. Through the DDC client, it is possible to view the status of all your drones and send commands to them simultaneously. It is also possible to group the drones and send commands to a certain group of drones or even a specific drone.

UgCS DDC is currently the only commercially available software for drone shows to plan routes and execute them. It is offered as an additional paid option to our Enterprise version.

For inquiries regarding UgCS DDC please contact us at ugcs@ugcs.com

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