The drone show industry has its own global character

Quite recently, the International Drone Show Competition - initiated by SPH Engineering’s Drone Show Software (DSS) team - announced its 2021 results, which proved that there is not only global interest in drone shows, but also, that in dozens of countries there are professional drone teams capable to surprise a thirsty audience for impressions with emerging show elements.
Drone Show Competition
February 4, 2022
Drone Show Competition

The winners of the Сompetition were teams and animators from different continents of the planet, who have long ceased to be just enthusiasts in the field of drone shows, but also professionally systematically create drone shows of various formats with incredible animation and amazing creative solutions.

“The world of the drone show industry is very attractive and will soon grow a lot. When we started the Flock Drone Art project in 2019 we found only 4 companies on the net during our market research. Today, in only 3 years, you will find more than 50 all over the world!”. Fran Arnau, Flock Drone Art (Spain)

Flock Drone Art  team (Spain)

It is important to say that in 2021, an international community of drone show operators began to form. Experience in the industry shows that the cooperation of those who at some point could call themselves competitors is very relevant. It's no secret that young industries develop faster when they have such concepts as cooperation, exchange of experience and healthy competition.

“In new industries like this, where safely delivering these shows is vital for the reputation and continual growth of the industry, we need to collectively strive to set the highest standards in operational excellence. Ideas sharing, and helping each other out will go a long way to achieve this in a community of like-minded operators”. Rob Lednor, Stellar Lights (Australia)

Stellar Lights team (Australia)

2022, as everyone in the entertainment industry hopes, will bring many unique, new events that will continue to bring happiness to residents of different cities, and drone shows will undoubtedly increasingly light up the sky, bringing innovation to the market.

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