Version 4.0 Released

Riga, Latvia - July 26, 2021 - SPH Engineering announces the release of update v.4.0 of Drone Show Software — the world’s only widely available software for drone show management and control.
Product news
July 26, 2021
Product news

Major changes:

  • DSS Controller has been optimised to handle 1000+ simultaneous vehicle connections. Loading UAVs and assigning paths by locations now takes less time.
  • Fleet Simulator has been introduced as a replacement for SITL. Fleet Simulator is a lightweight simulator that allows to run 1000+ virtual drone instances without significant CPU load. Fleet Simulator is running under control of Service Manager on the same computer with DSS. It is no longer necessary to use a virtual machine for this.
  • 2D Map improvements: reworked 2D Map interface, all settings are now accessible in the side bar in the 2D Map view.
  • A fully customisable Preflight Checklist has been added to DSS Controller.

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