Winners of the 3rd Drone Show Competition to Showcase Extraordinary Abilities at Flock Drone Art's International Festival

On July 28, 29 and 30, Lloret de Mar will host the third edition of the Drone Show Festival, which this year reinforces its international character with the participation of companies from Catalonia, France and Portugal specialized in performing shows with drones.This groundbreaking event marks the first international competition dedicated to the art of drones, bringing together the most talented audiovisual artists in the industry.
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July 29, 2023
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The festival aims to bring these mesmerizing shows to cities with artistic sensibility, serving as an ideal tool to promote tourism and enhance cultural experiences.

With participation from companies representing six countries, including Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Portugal, and France, the Drone Show Festival establishes itself as an internationally acclaimed event. As an active member of the international Drone Show Community, Flock Drone Art collaborates closely with the International Drone Show Competition, which has introduced a new category this year, granting winners the opportunity to participate in the Drone Show Festival.

"We are proud to have the winners of the 3rd Drone Show Competition from SPH Engineering at the Festival, showcasing their incredible abilities," says Alexander Levandovskiy, Head of Drone Show Technologies at SPH Engineering. "Supported by Flock Drone Art, the winners in the 'Best drone show animation' category have created an extraordinary performance that will mesmerize the audience with their breathtaking fleet. We are also excited to present the exceptional shows of other winners, including Sky Elements from the United States and Dutch Drone Shows from the Netherlands. The collaboration between Drone Show Competition and Flock Drone Art's drone festival brings together the best representatives of the drone show industry, showcasing magnificent drone light shows and projects to the world."

Flock Drone Art has established itself as a leading company in utilizing drones for mass events, hosting over 100 shows in the past two years. These grand spectacles have become a prominent trend, sought after by public and private institutions that aim to elevate their events with captivating drone displays. The Spanish company's shows have attracted hundreds of thousands of people across Spain and have garnered international awards and recognition.

Fran Arnau foresees the festival's international expansion, with more European cities joining the network of festival venues in the coming years, drawn by its remarkable ability to captivate audiences and create unforgettable experiences. As leisure and culture embrace drone events, Flock Drone Art continues to push boundaries and redefine the possibilities of drone technology.

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