Application Deadline Extended for the 4th Drone Show Competition Until October 30

The organizers of the 4th Drone Show Competition are delighted to announce an extension of the application deadline. This decision responds to the substantial interest and numerous requests from participants seeking additional time to finalize their animations.
Drone Show Competition
October 10, 2023
Drone Show Competition

New Application Deadline: October 30!

This extended deadline offers contestants more time to perfect their entries and participate in one of the most prestigious drone show competitions. In 2023, participants can submit applications in 8 nominations, one of which, "Best Drone Show Animation," requires the preparation of a special project for the competition.

To apply for participation in the "Best Drone Show Animation" category, participants should use specialized software like Blender to create thematic animations featuring two or more figures with transitions. The themes for this year's nomination include:

1. Fantastic Creatures: This theme immerses audiences in magical and fantastical realms inspired by fairy tales, myths, and fantasy literature. Drones will breathe life into dragons, elves, enchanted castles, and more.
2. Vanishing Wildlife: In this theme, participants create a drone show aimed at raising awareness about the critical issue of disappearing wildlife and the vital importance of biodiversity conservation. Drones can vividly depict endangered animal species, narrate their stories, and underscore the significance of protecting their habitats.

Nominations such as “Best Drone Show for an Event”, “Drone Show Storytelling”, “Drone Show as Marketing Tool”, “Drone Show for Raising Social Awareness”, “Drone Show with a small fleet (up to 100 drones)”, “Collaborative Drone Show”, and “Rising Star Drone Show” are simpler in terms of the steps to apply. Participants in these nominations send videos of drone shows that have already taken place and their descriptions.

Participants with the most captivating works and future show concepts will have the opportunity to present their drone show choreography at the International Drone Show Festival in Spain in 2024. Additionally, winners may receive prizes such as FPV Drones, tickets to Cannes Lions 2024, tickets to one of the most influential design events globally—the International Forum SIGGRAPH Asia 2024—and more.

You can apply now by visiting the Drone Show Competition website.

The organizers are dedicated to ensuring that everyone interested in participating in the competition has enough time to complete their work and submit it for evaluation by the jury. The jury includes representatives from the media industry, drone companies, organizers of the International Drone Show Festival, and drone show technology professionals.

Stay updated on competition developments and find inspiration by following the hashtag #droneshowcompetition on various social media platforms. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of drone shows on YouTube and Instagram.

Hurry up to apply for the Competition and follow the news!

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