Behind the scenes / Success story of Celestial drone art company (UK)

Drone shows ride the wave, transforming the event industry and influencing the way companies advertise and seize attention. Nick Kowalski, COO at Celestial, organizer of drone shows for Amnesty International & Greenpeace among others, shared his success story of running a drone show business in the UK, which he started in a turbulent 2020.
Customer cases
August 29, 2021
Customer cases

In the video Nick talks about his first steps in the industry, shares his backstage impressions of doing business in the field of organizing drone shows for global organizations, and explains why Celestial team uses Drone Show Software as the key element to making drones fly.

Guest speaker:
Nickolas Kowalski, Chief Operations Officer at Celestial

Nicholas Kowalski is a UK based drone operator/engineer who has been building and operating UAVs since 2015. Nick’s experience in drone manufacturing and use, for civil and military purposes led him to co-found Celestial who started operating in the UK in 2020. During this time Celestial has provided shows for clients such as Edinburgh New Year's Hogmanay, Amnesty International and Greenpeace.

Discover more of Celestial at https://celestial.show

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