Drone light entertainment programs - new level for resorts

The tourism industry is inextricably linked to the entertainment industry. Every traveler is already used to the fact that in a new place, be it a city embankment or a ski resort, he will be met by local musicians, national performances or festive fireworks will cover him.
Product news
May 26, 2022
Product news

No industry stands still, and the demand for new innovative solutions is growing. Not so long ago, the answer to the question of what else can surprise a tourist is found.

Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering and its global Community for several years now supports hotels and resorts in expanding their entertainment and animation programs with drone light shows.

By the pool or on the beach, drone shows make for an exciting and safe alternative to traditional, crowd-gathering entertainment.

One of the successfully implemented stories is the case of DRONE TEKNOLOJİ A.Ş. team (Drone Show Community member from Turkey) who realized that drone shows could be an available alternative to traditional resort animation. Compared to traditional performances in amphitheaters, which continue for 45 min minimum, drone shows performed by DRONE TEKNOLOJİ are limited to 10 minutes, but then they could be repeated a few times a day.

Discover more of DRONE TEKNOLOJİ A.Ş. at www.lightnowdroneshow.com

What is important, most drone show providers can fly over any surface, be it water or an open field. Providers often assemble drones themselves and draw animations to inspire a tourist with new ideas or just give a great mood during the holidays.

As an example Drone Shows in Europe from FLOCK DRONE ART can be timed to coincide with any event organized by the resort or city administration

“The world of the drone show industry is very attractive and will soon grow a lot. When we started the Flock Drone Art project in 2019 we found only 4 companies on the net during our market research. Today, in only 3 years, you will find more than 50 all over the world!This is how much growth this industry is going to have”, Flock Drone Art team representative comments.

There are no barriers for a drone show, but drone show providers must follow the rules of flight safety. If all the necessary conditions are taken into account, the weather situation is studied, a place for the deployment of the fleet is found, and a team of professionals is charged, hundreds of drones can light up the sky even over the abyss of the sea, even over the mountain peaks.

Video is taken from the SPH Engineering material dated September 30, 2020

“Pinnacle Festivals is excited about the opportunity to light up the night sky of ski resorts. A drone show is a very flexible event element: it can be performed as a single proper show, or integrated into any night show being mixed with fireworks, laser, sound and music, or be considered as a small WOW-effect performance. Not long ago we developed a so-called ‘3 drone demo’ suitcase. This unique way of drone show equipment packaging enables fast, easy and safe delivery of everything needed for small trial activities in any US location,’ John Eric Henry, Head of Pinnacle Festivals, explains.

We are watching a variety of drone shows appear around the world and tirelessly embody the most incredible fantasies and dreams of people. Tourist resting places are the very zone of motivation where a person can have new projects, and ideas can begin to become reality. And the drone show will help with this!

Drone Show by wonderful Lux Drone Italy team which is also opened to new projects and proposals

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