Festive cooperation of two Drone Show Software providers

The main holiday in the United States is Independence Day, which commemorates the birthday of the country's freedom and independence.
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August 4, 2021
Product news

A drone show is increasingly becoming an integral part of government and city celebrations around the world. July 4 has been no exception in the United States for several years.

One of the successful cases of 2021 was a show of more than 100 drones organized in cooperation with two Drone Show Software providers - NorthStar Fireworks (Canada) and Hireuavpro (USA) in the town of Tusayan (Arizona).

The decision to choose a drone show instead of the usual fireworks show was made due to the unique nature and was intended to help reduce the risk of fire and chemical contamination of the area.

Indeed, such an innovative form of performance as a drone show is conquering the entertainment market more and more. People find unique and important benefits for themselves and their projects in drone shows.

And the fact that Drone Shows Software providers are starting to unite fleets to bring joy to people through joint efforts only proves that the Drone Show Community can be the guarantor of quality, safety and uniqueness of the industry.

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