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June 16, 2022
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The fireworks industry of the millennium brought joy to millions of people around the world and it fundamentally occupied its niche in the entertainment industry. Fireworks usually become a cherry on the cake in the celebration of important dates and are quite often launched on local and state holidays.

Who are the customers of the fireworks show?

- Local government,

- Large business companies,

- Private individuals and others.

In recent years, there has been a tendency to display a public pressure on fireworks companies, and there are several reasons for this:

  • the threat of the flattering fires spread,
  • environmental agenda,
  • and even sometimes
  • a violation of public order.

But not only public pressure acts as a barrier to fireworks companies. For example, due to the shortage of pyrotechnics for fireworks that has arisen in recent months, companies are forced to refuse part of the concluded contracts. And given the fact that the fireworks industry has a seasonal effect (especially difficult months are March and November) and is tied to the holiday schedule, all this leads to a reduction in the revenue. During the off-season, fireworks companies buy supplies, sign contracts for future shows, improve workflows, and find ways to generate revenue no matter the time of year.

What do fireworks companies do to overcome difficulties?

In the last 3-4 years, fireworks companies around the world have been actively diversifying their business by adding drone shows to their service catalog. It is also common practice to create separate business units dedicated to the new drone show trend.

Drone and Fireworks Show by www.northstar-fireworks.com (Canada)

The drone show allows you to demonstrate tens, hundreds and thousands of flying light bulbs in the sky, which creates the effect of innovation in the fireworks show and the viewer perceives the drone show as a new creative step in the development of his favorite fireworks. What is important, the organization of a drone show does not meet the barriers listed above, neither in terms of public opinion, nor in terms of the lack of technological elements.

Moreover, it is beneficial. The average revenue of a single fireworks show in the US is $10,000 and reaches its limit of $20,000. At the same time, the average revenue of 1 drone show is $98,000. The math is very simple: the price for 1 drone for one show ranges from $300 (for a regular show with the same animation) and can go up to $700 for a drone (in the case of a unique event).

Drone shows are an opportunity for fireworks companies to go beyond traditional orders and expand the range of customers, because drone shows are ordered by both event agencies and marketing departments of major brands.

Unique combination of Drone show, fireworks, stage pyro, flames, lasers & artistic performance by www.pyrotech.com.mx (Mexico)

Among other things, by ordering the required number of drones once, the fireworks company will be able to hold a show at least every weekend, because this does not require regular ordering of pyrotechnics.
So, what does it take for a fireworks company to open up new possibilities through a drone show?

The basis of any business is people who are able to fulfill contractual obligations and do everything possible to ensure that the event takes place on time. To run a drone show business in a team, you will need:

  1. The lead pilot and reserve Co-pilot (having pilot certificates, 107, etc.). These are the specialists who are responsible for the technical preparation and launch of the drone show. Such specialists can easily be found on the market, because many pilots dream of flying a swarm of drones. Our team will give you the requirements for such a pilot. Also, the owner of the fireworks business himself can master the key skills and be trained as a drone show pilot.
  2. Ground crew team. These are people who work directly with drones, perform calibration, arrange drones in the right positions, and replace batteries. The number of employees depends on the number of drones, on average, 1 person is required for every 50 drones.
  3. Creative mind. This is an external or in-house designer responsible for rendering key scenes of the drone show. Here, as in the fireworks show, a creative approach is required to inspire the audience.
  4. Event producer, a person who is fully responsible for interaction with clients, organization of team work, ordering meals and other organizational issues that are traditional in the event industry.

Usually fireworks companies already have key employees, and our team, for its part, is ready to train them to launch a drone show and take them by the hand from introductory training to the first drone show.

Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering provides a full range of services to ensure that you and your team are fully prepared for the launch of the drone show: we supply drones for the show, issue a license for Drone Show Software, provide an animation kit for a quick start, share promotional materials to push a new service, and much more.

In any fast-growing market there is a window of opportunity, and we invite you to take advantage of it right now. We can start small: we invite you to a short introductory educational course, where we personally immerse you in the drone show industry.

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