INTERVIEW Alex Levandovskiy on How to Run a Profitable Business in the Light Shows Industry

Alex Levandovskiy, head of the Drone Show Software division at SPH Engineering tells us about drone applications.
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July 5, 2022
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Interview by Kokou Adzo on www.tubetorial.com

First of all, how are you and your family doing?

Alex Levandovskiy: Thank you, everything is great, I just had a baby, and it’s a boy. Summer is coming, and we enthusiastically look into the future with my family.

Tell us about you, your career, and how you joined SPH Engineering.

Alex Levandovskiy: I started building my career as an intern and UAV tech manager within the UgCS reseller network and then shifted in-house to lead a newly launched Drone Show Software division. Within a few years in the drone show business, together with a team of professionals, we have built the brand from scratch. In a short 6 years of working on the product, we have helped create a drone show business for more than 100 companies and enthusiasts around the world. I am now the head of the Drone Show Software division at SPH Engineering, a global provider of UAV software solutions, integration services, consulting, and custom development to expand drone applications.

How does SPH Engineering market its product/services online?

Alex Levandovskiy: We actively use our social networks. The drone show industry is quite young, and in order to popularize our favorite industry, we have created a themed YouTube channel and Instagram. We have a lot to share. Our customers fly shows all over the world, and we are always happy to highlight their successes and showcase the variety of opportunities in the drone light show industry through their multi-format shows. Of course, we try to enter the international public space, representatives of various media resources approach us for expertise, and we are always happy to share our experience. One of our marketing tools since 2020 is a unique international event that we came up with and have been successfully running for the second year already – an International Drone Show Competition for professionals in the drone show industry. But this competition’s main role, of course, is not to promote us as a company but to popularize the industry and its capabilities, as well as assist in the marketing promotion of participants.

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