SPH Engineering and Flyfire synchronize technologies for drone swarm shows

May 13, 2021 - Riga, Latvia - SPH Engineering and Flyfire collaborate to bring together the bleeding-edge drone swarm show technologies available - both in software and hardware. The compatibility of Drone Show Software by SPH Engineering with Flyfire drones was confirmed during the test flight in Turin, Italy.
Product news
May 23, 2021
Product news

The companies set out on a goal to create an effortless and streamlined experience for drone show operators across the globe. The Kaiken drones are designed, produced and assembled in Turin, Italy. Flyfire has put the latest technologies inside Kaiken. Among those are the smart batteries with health diagnostics, increased wind resistance, remote switch-on/off function and other bleeding edge features. The drones are also extremely light and compact - at 270 grams total flight weight and a mere 16-by-16-by-6 centimeters. Transportation of the system is a breeze with each carry-on sized case containing 10 drones and 10 additional batteries. That makes the system ideal for both small operators just entering the field and for larger companies - dramatically simplifying the logistics process.

‘In recent years we have been witnessing the “digital renaissance” with a new form of art in the sky created with swarms of luminous drones. Flyfire small drones are like real fireworks, however, they do not produce chemical or acoustic pollution and are reusable over and over again,’ Luca Giacolini, Product Designer at Flyfire comments.


Flyfire has been operating in the drone field for ten years and today it markets a cutting-edge drone for light shows named Kaiken. Flyfire’s co-founder and MIT professor Carlo Ratti unveiled the world’s first drone light show project during a 2011 TED Talk. Since then, the company has been further developing its technological assets working on several custom projects. Today, Flyfire is a fully established european manufacturer of drones for light shows with a design and production team located in Turin, Italy.

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