The 4th International Drone Show Competition from SPH Engineering will take flight on September 18

September 11, 2023 - Riga, Latvia - SPH Engineering, a leading expert in drone show technologies development, proudly announces the 4th International Drone Show Competition will take flight on September 18th. This event promises to convene the world's foremost professionals in the drone show industry, offering a captivating display of innovation and technology.
Drone Show Competition
September 11, 2023
Drone Show Competition

Winners will be selected by the esteemed jury composed of experts from the fields of media, drones, events, and the entertainment industry.

Participants will compete in a diverse array of categories:

1. Best Drone Show Animation (300 drones): Recognizing exceptional creativity and visual storytelling through animation.

2. Best Drone Show at the Event: Awarding excellence to the drone show that stands out as the most captivating and memorable of the event.

3. Best Drone Show Storytelling: Honoring drone shows that effectively convey compelling narratives.

4. Best Drone Show as Marketing Tool: Highlighting drone shows that effectively utilize the medium for marketing purposes.

5. Drone Show for Raising Social Awareness: Acknowledging drone shows that address critical social issues and promote empathy.

The competition also features special nominations:

- Drone Show with a Small Fleet (up to 100 drones): Celebrating creativity and precision with a limited number of drones.

- Best Collaborative Drone Show: Recognizing outstanding teamwork among drone show providers.

- Best Rising Star Drone Show (New Business): Encouraging and spotlighting emerging talent within the drone show industry.

Alex Levandovskiy, Head of Drone Show Technologies, shares his excitement for this year's competition: "The 4th Drone Show Competition marks the culmination of years of innovation in the drone show industry. We elevate the competition each year, and this year is no exception. Our mission is clear: unite the brightest minds globally, showcase their mesmerizing drone shows, and foster a sense of community. The 4th International Drone Show Competition promises to be a historic event, pushing the boundaries of collaboration and opening talents in the drone show industry."

Mark your calendars for September 18th, when the competition website will go live, inviting all passionate individuals to share their extraordinary projects.

In 2020, SPH Engineering kicked off the 1st International Drone Show Choreography Competition. In 3 years, this contest has evolved into a broader Drone Show Competition, with 469 entries from 104 countries and honoring 31 outstanding winners. The Сompetition aims to bring together the best representatives of the drone show industry and present their amazing drone light shows and projects to the whole world!

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