Webinar recording: How fireworks companies diversify business through drone shows

SPH Engineering and Sky Elements Drone Shows offer the webinar on how to succeed in one of the most progressive industries today - the drone light show industry.
Product news
July 18, 2022
Product news

A guest speaker from one of the leading drone show companies, Preston Ward, will share the success story of Sky Elements Drone Shows (USA), how it was possible to strengthen the business by adding drone show services to the portfolio and what benefits #DroneShowSoftware technologies brought. Recent innovations in drone show technologies will be presented by the Drone Show Software team, SPH Engineering.


➢ What is drone show industry today,

➢ Sky Elements Drone Shows suсcess story,

➢ How fireworks companies can get started with drone shows and succeed in the market,

➢ Benefits of adding a drone show to the business portfolio,

➢ Drone show technology and steps to start.


Q: It seems to me that drone shows would be more environmentally friendly than blowing up fireworks. Is this a benefit to drone shows?

A: Many fireworks companies include Drones Shows to their portfolio. Also there are countries which have prohibited fireworks so drone shows are the solution.

Q: What hardware/UAS are being flown for drone light shows?

A: Please see our webpage to get info about hardware/UAS.

Q: What is the minimum temperature at which a drone show can be performed?

A: Typically we don't recommend flying when the weather is under -5 degrees Celsius. But there have been many shows done at about minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Q: Do there exist a minimum quantity of drones to use in a show?

A: Minimums sale quantity of drones and Drone Show license is 20.

Q: Is there an optimum design for the drones used in the shows? Which technical aspects should I aim for?

A: There are very specific requirements for drones. The drone design must be approved by Drone Show Software. Then the finished drones must be tested and approved by Drone Show Software. We recommend to purchase drones from supported manufactures.

Q: With drone fleets so large that they take up a lot of space, how is it possible to increase the power of the Red Bottom antenna?

A: There are higher sensitivity antennas and signal boosters available. Please contact support@ugcs.com.

Q: Do there exist any specs for drone show? I mean, could it be a DJI drone or whatever, similar to an FPV drone, etc?

A: There are very specific requirements and only actual drone manufacturers can successfully build drones for shows. Most of the hobbyist attempts to build drones for shows have been unsuccessful.

Q: What is the average length of a drone show - have you ever done two flights to extend the length?

A: The average time is 10-15 minutes. Yes it's possible to fly separate groups of drones one after each other.

Q: What happens if we want to fly over 1000m drones?

A: It is possible to do using Drone Show Software. We have customer from Columbia, which perform shows up to 3000 m.

Q: Did you send to one company to make your own model of drones for the drone shows?

A: We designed our own design for drone swarm, based on DJI f450 frame and then found professional drone manufactures to arrange mass-production of drones for show.

Q: Does the Drone Show Software work for indoor drones?

A: Yes, we are performing first tests right now with indoor drone solution.

Q: Any photos of QR codes already done in the sky?


Q: Have you ever mixed a Drone show with a fireworks?


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